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Marijuana Exposure in Animals

Marijuana Exposure in Animals

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The prognosis is favorable for
symptomatic animals with no
secondary complications, such
as aspiration pneumonia



Marijuana, made from the dried leaves and
flowers of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa),
is a commonly used recreational drug in
people. It is a Schedule I controlled substance under
the Controlled Substances Act. The pure form of marijuana’s active ingredient, delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol
(THC), is available as dronabinol; a synthetic form is
available as nabilone.1 These drugs
are used medically in people to
combat nausea caused by chemotherapy and to decrease intraocular
pressures caused by glaucoma.1
They are also used as appetite
stimulants in patients with anorexia
secondary to AIDS.
2 Common street
names for marijuana include pot,
Mary Jane, weed, THC, grass, and
ganja.1 The concentration of THC in
marijuana varies from 1% to 8%. In
hashish, which is derived from the
resin of the flowering tops of the
hemp plant, the concentration
varies from 3% to 6%; in hash oil it
varies from 30% to 50%.


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