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Chronic Pain and Cannabinoids

Chronic Pain and Cannabinoids

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A surveyof currentfibromyalgiatreatment approachestogether with
an overviewand case studiesof a new “old”treatment approach



[Editor’s note: Practical Pain Management recognizes the many controversies that surround cannabinoids, yet one
cannabinoid is already on the commercial market (Marinol’») and has a significant following for its FDA-labeled use of
nausea. Additionally, we are aware of a plethora of research and development activities to produce legitimate commercial,
cannabinoid products. To this end, it is appropriate to educate physicians regarding the pharmacology a~ wells as potential,
legitimate, legal uses of cannabinoids. The publication of this article on cannabinoids is not to be construed that Practical
Pain Management endorses the illegal use of marijuana, and we urge all physicians to know and follow their state and
federal laws regarding marijuana and cannabinoid products.]


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